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We absolutely love staying in touch with our families and following along as our babies grow. Here are some words from our families!

Testimonial-- Toby.jpeg

Marguerite & Jay, NY

-- Toby’s parents --

“Ever since I was a little girl, I had wanted a Golden Retriever, and in 2017 my dream came true. I found @adventuresoftrinitypups on instagram and every day I looked forward to watching the videos and pictures of the most beautiful looking and well-behaved Golden Retrievers I have ever seen! After watching them for almost a year I decided to message the person behind the account to inquire about finally adopting my own Golden Retriever because my heart was set on wanting one from Trinity Retrievers! My husband and I drove all the way to South Carolina from New York to pick up the cutest little golden ever, whom we named Toby. The rest is history! He is the best and most well-behaved Golden Retriever, and we are constantly receiving compliments about Toby's temperament and appearance whenever we are in public because he is a perfectly bred Golden Retriever. He has even traveled with us on a handful of vacations! I can't express how great Trinity Retrievers, Kristin, and her beautiful Golden Retrievers are. It was well worth the drive and I would only recommend her, and already have in the past, to anyone interested in adding a Golden Retriever to their family! We also hope to get Toby a sibling sometime soon and have kept in touch with Kristin so without a doubt will be getting one from Trinity Retrievers to add to our family!”

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Morgan_Avery -- testimonial pic.jpg

Morgan, SC

-- Avery’s mom --

“Kristin was great from the start with informing me about my prospective puppy, listening well to what my needs were and telling me all about the puppy. She even set up a meet and greet to make sure my other two dogs got along well with the puppy.  I ended up taking the puppy, Avery, home and have been training her to be a therapy dog where she will work with me in my counseling practice to help my clients feel comfortable while they process traumatic life events. Avery has been an excellent and sweet pup since day one and is growing into exactly the dog she needs to be for her new job! I love Trinity and would recommend them to anyone looking for a quality pup!”


Dan & Katie, NJ

-- Jordi’s parents --

“We got Jordi a year and a half ago from Trinity Retrievers, and our life has forever changed for the better. Our golden pup has the sweetest temperament and loves to cuddle or just be close to wherever we are! She is very playful and energetic and loves visits to the dog park and playing with other dogs. When we take her out in public, she’s so calm and well-behaved, whether we’re going for a walk or sitting on a restaurant patio. She is extremely gentle around small children and picks up cues from humans well. People always comment on how she has the perfect temperament or say what a pretty pup she is! We feel so lucky to have a Trinity Golden Retriever and can’t imagine our lives without her!”


Sean & Alona, NY

-- Murphy’s parents --

“Where do we begin?  From the start to current times, it has been such a pleasure working with Kristin and Trinity Labradors & Goldens as our breeder.  How did we ever find Kristin living so far from SC?  Well a coworker of my husband’s got a gorgeous golden retriever.  Once I saw their photos, I immediately said, “We need to find out where they got their puppy from.”  As soon as we contacted Kristin, it became a “no brainer.”  We had several email exchanges that turned into phone calls, photos, FaceTime, and then Instagram DM.  Everything was just simple and transparent.  Any questions we had or currently have, we can always refer to her and she is so quick to help guide us.

Now about our puppy, Murphy.  He is our pride and joy.  Besides being an AKC Golden Retriever and coming from a family line of champion dogs, he has such an amazing personality and temperament about him.  Murphy is sweet, loyal, playful yet calm.  He is intelligent and learns quickly.  House breaking and crate training were such a breeze.  Luckily teaching him commands and tricks have been just as easy!  Everyone, from family members to friends and even kids, gravitate to him.  People in the street will stop us to tell us how handsome he is; he is our showstopper.  Our world has changed ever since we got Murphy and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

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Testimonial -- lucy.jpeg

Tracy, NC

-- Lucy & Denver’s mom --

“My family has had the pleasure of owning two golden retrievers from Trinity Labradors and Goldens. Lucy who is now 3 and Denver who is 1.5 years of age.  We have owned 6 golden retrievers over a period of 20 years, but Lucy and Denver have the best temperament among all the rest.  One might say “all goldens have a great temperament”, but Trinity pups are special.  I attribute that to the way Trinity’s are bred and raised with a ton of love and hands on approach to their breeding and training methods.  Every time I visited, I was greeted by 5+ goldens full of love and happiness.  The owners treat every pup as part of their family until they find a forever home.

I have always worked with breeders who raise their pups in the comfort of their home, and this is exactly what Trinity does.  The personal interaction with the pups is key to their socialization and in my opinion, Trinity does this fabulously.

The other wonderful thing about Trinity is their interest in the pups forever home.  It does not stop once you take your pup home.  If you have a question or need some advice, they are very responsive to your every need and always there to assist.

If you are looking for a wonderful, calm, happy golden retriever, I highly recommend Trinity Labradors and Goldens.”

testimonial -- finn.jpeg

Taylor, TN

-- Finn’s mom --

“I can’t say enough good things about Trinity Retrievers! Finding a breeder with plenty of experience was a must for me and I did a lot of research to make sure I found the right fit. My mom and I had been following Trinity for a while on Facebook and when I happened to see a litter from gorgeous London and Yukon, I couldn’t say no. Kristin was so wonderful through the whole process. She was so helpful in answering every question I had and went above and beyond to make sure I felt taken care of!

My buddy Finn is a year old now and I seriously don’t know what I would do without him! He’s everything I hoped for in a golden— sweet, playful, goofy, eager to please, and always by my side. I keep up with several of his siblings across the country on a group message and it’s been so fun to watch them all grow.

I’m so grateful for Kristin and will always be sending people her way if they’re looking for a healthy, beautiful golden!”

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izzie_Amanda testimonial pic.JPG

Amanda, OH

-- Izzie’s mom --

“It all began with Fendi (literally). I fell in love with one of the matriarchs of Trinity Retrievers (Fendi) while she was living with Kristin as we attended graduate school together in Tennessee.  She was the perfect companion for long hours of studying. When I found out she was having puppies, I knew I had to bring one home.  From Columbia SC to Cleveland OH came my sweet Izzie girl, who immediately became my best friend.  She is the sweetest, smartest, funniest dog I’ve ever known, and we can’t go anywhere without her being told how beautiful she is.  I feel so lucky to call her mine, and I am so grateful to the Trinity Retrievers family for helping me find my best friend.”

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Ellen_Finn testimonial pic.jpg

Ellen, NC

-- Finn’s mom --

“I have had the BEST experience with @adventuresoftrinitypups that anyone could ask for!

Kristin required an interview (I actually think 2 interviews, which I respect SO much) for the ability to even be considered for one of her puppies. This was a very respectable interview; in that she wants to make sure her babies go to the best homes! She would expect nothing less! I cannot tell you how much that meant to me as an aspiring dog mom, and Kristin has given me the most incredible gift I could ever imagine! I feel like she "hand-picked" my dog for me.

Every part of the experience was completely professional and done "right". I continue to communicate with her all the time, and it means the world that she cares so much about each and every one of her babies, to raise them herself in her home and also follow up with the new moms & dads. Kristin has continued to be there for me with any questions that I have, and I am forever grateful!”

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lex_max testimonial pic.JPG

Lex & Max, MD

-- Monty's parents --

"Where to start? Our experience with Trinity Retrievers has been amazing. Kristin has always been an excellent communicator throughout the entire process. She was willing to answer any and all questions we had about our pup (which, as first-time owners, was invaluable). We know from first-hand experience that her pups are well-loved the entire time they are with her. She comes from a background of longstanding breeding excellence, and her pups are always bred to the highest possible standard. Our now 1.5-year-old boy, Monty, is the star of our family, and we are looking very forward to soon adding another to the mix. When that time comes, you can rest assured that we will be coming right back to Trinity Retrievers!"

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Rick & Fernanda, FL

-- Jack's parents --

“I’ve known Kristin since we were in college, and I always told her that the second I was in a place in life that I was ready to care for a dog, I would be on my way. Fast forward around 8 years, and after a 20-hour road trip - it was finally time to meet our sweet boy Jack!

I spent around 2-3 hours with Kristin and her husband at their house, sitting and interacting with the puppies. They were extremely helpful and welcoming and told me I could stay as long as I needed. It was abundantly clear that these puppies came from a breeder that genuinely loves and cares for their dogs. 

Just over a year has passed since we welcomed Jack into the family, and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t thank God for the joy he has brought us. He’s become an integral part of our family, and we could not imagine our life without him. We can’t wait to introduce him to his new brother in August!

Jack an incredibly beautiful dog, but what really makes him special is how he loves us and everyone he meets as if they were his best friend. He’s so kind and affectionate, and he’s full of adventure. We can’t go out of the house without him turning heads and making new friends. All of this to say - the almost decade-long wait, and the 20-hour road trip were beyond worth it. 

It is rare to find a breeder that you can really trust these days, but Trinity is truly one that we would recommend to anyone looking for that special golden retriever for their family. I don’t think you’ll find many breeders out there like them.  

Thank you, Kristin, and thank you Trinity Pups!”

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Kelsey:jeff testimonail.jpeg

Kelsey & Jeff, SC

-- Wrigley’s parents --

“Adding our golden retriever, Wrigley, to our family was one of the best decisions my husband and I ever made. We found Trinity Retrievers through Instagram and once I saw how sweet and beautiful those dogs were, I knew I needed to have one from Kristin! These people truly care about their dogs and really made sure that we were a good fit for our golden girl. Kristin was great to work with and has always been available to answer any questions I had...this was our first Golden and I had a lot of questions!

Wrigley has added so much fun and goofiness to our family! She is extremely loving, healthy, athletic, and sweet. Her favorite activities include swimming and chewing on her big brother. If you’re looking for a great dog from an awesome breeder, look no further than Trinity Retrievers!”

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