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CH Scion Haute Couture At Trinity OD, JH

(MBIS MBISS MBVISS GCHG Gemini Fallchase The Butler Did It OS SDHF BISS CGC x Am CH Honeykyst Keeping Biz Z At Scion OD)

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Fendi is the foundation of our breeding program and was our first golden retriever AKC champion. Fendi was bred by Pat Simpson of Scion Goldens. We are so thankful to Pat for trusting us with her and mentoring us as we navigated breeding Fendi. We are so proud of Fendi. In early 2020, Fendi became an Outstanding Dam when her 5th offspring became an American Champion. Aspen, Roman, Chevy, Happy, Tahoe, and Boo are all Fendi kids carrying on her legacy!

After her son Roman finished his JH with ease, we decided to send Fendi out to see if she was a bird dog. Even at 8.5 years old Fendi took to hunting quickly and finished her Junior Hunter title before her 9th birthday! We are SO incredibly proud of this girl and so happy she is our foundation bitch. 

Fendi is smart, serious and loyal. She is a true retriever and lives to swim and play fetch.

Her favorite place is the lake, hands down, and when we get close to the water she can sense it and gets so excited! She is too smart for her own good most of the time and typically knows what I’m thinking. Fendi was a pup when I went to PA school and was the best stress therapy there could have ever been. 

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