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Healthy, Intelligent and Well-Tempered Golden Retrievers

Welcome to Trinity Retrievers! First and foremost, our dogs are our companions. Because of our love for the Golden Retriever, we show and breed to produce happy, healthy, and gorgeous Goldens that excel in the show ring, performance events, and therapy work.


Our Golden Retrievers are registered through the AKC (American Kennel Club)


We primarily compete in AKC conformation events aiming for our dogs to complete their American Championship. We strive to produce dogs with correct breed conformation, sound genetics, and an amazing temperament.  Our dogs have their OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) hips, elbows, heart and eye clearances as well as a DNA panel specific to genetic diseases prevalent to our breed.

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Read Our Story

The sport of purebred dogs has been a part of our family for 30 years. Kristin was raised showing Labrador Retrievers in AKC Junior Showmanship and began with an interest in Golden Retrievers at 14 years old.


Meet Our Dogs

The faces behind Trinity Retrievers are athletic, driven, ball obsessed show dogs. Our Retrievers are not only perfect indoor companions, but love to be out in the show ring, retrieving on land and dock diving.

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Join The Family

Think a golden is the right breed for you? Deciding to bring a dog into your home is a big and life changing decision! We look forward to talking with you about our wonderful breed and guiding you through life with a golden!

What Others Say

We absolutely love staying in touch with our families and following along as our babies grow. Here are some words from our families!

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Marguerite & Jay


-- Toby’s parents --

“Ever since I was a little girl, I had wanted a Golden Retriever, and in 2017 my dream came true. I found @adventuresoftrinitypups on instagram and every day I looked forward to watching the videos and pictures of the most beautiful looking and well-behaved Golden Retrievers I have ever seen! After watching them for almost a year I decided to message the person behind the account to inquire about finally adopting my own Golden Retriever because my heart was set on wanting one from Trinity Retrievers! My husband and I drove all the way to South Carolina from New York to pick up the cutest little golden ever, whom we named Toby. The rest is history! He is the best and most well-behaved Golden Retriever, and we are constantly receiving compliments about Toby's temperament and appearance whenever we are in public because he is a perfectly bred Golden Retriever. He has even traveled with us on a handful of vacations! I can't express how great Trinity Retrievers, Kristin, and her beautiful Golden Retrievers are. It was well worth the drive and I would only recommend her, and already have in the past, to anyone interested in adding a Golden Retriever to their family! We also hope to get Toby a sibling sometime soon and have kept in touch with Kristin so without a doubt will be getting one from Trinity Retrievers to add to our family!”

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Trinity Retrievers


You asked, and we got you.

Now available: Trinity Goldens merch so you can show everyone the love you have for your Golden.


Email or visit our Contact page for details.

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